Bird House Tea Lights

Show off cute scrapbook paper and create a fun centerpiece to celebrate spring!

Slowly but surely, the weather is starting to warm up here in Portland. I’m ready to air out my house and welcome the fresh air after having it closed up all winter. With a fresh, new feeling filling my home, it seemed pretty necessary to add some new decorations as well.

Create spring inspired tea light holders for your home

One of my favorite things about spring is seeing the birds coming back into our area after a long winter in the south. I decided to celebrate with a little nod to welcoming the birds back home in a cute tea light centerpiece. It kind of reminds me of a Christmas village, but just for the birds! I love the warm light that comes out of these little houses, it kind of looks like someone is home.

Tea Light Holders for Spring

What You Need:

  • Paper Mache Bird House Ornaments
  • Battery Powered Tea Lights
  • Spring Scrapbook Paper
  • Acrylic Paint for the Roof (I mixed a little white into black for mine)
  • Craft Knife
  • Mod Podge

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How to Make Them:



First, you will want to remove the ornament strings from the tops of your bird houses. They pulled out pretty easily for me. Just make sure you use a gentle, upward motion so you don’t rip the paper. Use scissors to cut any strands that are sticking out after you’ve pulled the strings.


Use your craft knife to remove the bottom of the house. I was a little messy because no one but me would see them, but you can be as precise as you like.


Paint your roof. I got really good coverage from one coat. Your house may need more or less.


Remove the perches from the bird houses. These also pulled out pretty easily. Make sure to set them in a safe place because you will be adding them back once you’re done.


Use a pencil to trace around the sides of the bird houses. If you want to be super precise, you can measure and create your own templates. You could also choose to just paint your houses instead of adding scrapbook paper.

Once you’ve got your pieces cut, Mod Podge them onto your bird houses and let dry, ideally overnight but at least a couple of hours.


Now, you want to cut out the hole for the birds from the front of your house. Stick the craft knife through the very center of the hole, and use a sawing motion outward until you hit the edge. Use the edge as a guide and continue to saw all the way around the hole. You can keep an eye on everything through the bottom of the house. To get an extra good seal, Mod Podge around the edges of the hole.


Now, add your hole for the perch. I had the best luck poking my knife from the inside of the house through the original hole to use as a mark. Then, I poked a little “x” into the spot created by the hole.


Push your perch back into the “x”

Bird House Tea Light Holders for Spring

Set up a little scene on a plate or tray, turn on your tea lights and place the houses on top!

Bird House Tea Light Holders for Spring

You’ll have a nice little flickering light coming out of the houses, and an adorable centerpiece or decoration for spring!


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