Easy Fancy Leather Gift Bow

DIY Leather gift wrap bow

Sometimes you need more than a dollar store gift bag, wrap with a tag to show them how special they are. We all know that gift and intention is what it matters but one’s nice hand work can do way more than a $$$ gift. You will just need few leather scraps and a hot glue gun to carve a luxury gift memory in their mind from you.

OH! and there is more to it, once you make one and get the know-how, you can use them for any decorations around the house and festivities, just right material and color to be selected.

This project is super simple, takes about 15 minutes all up and can be made with all sorts of other materials like felt, paper, fabric etc. But nothing really beats the look and feel of soft leather does it?


  • Leather
  • Craft Knife
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Double sided tape for attaching to the gift


You’ll need 7 strips of leather all together, all about 2cm wide:

3 strips at 21cm

3 strips at 19cm

1 strip at 10cm

Start by cutting long strips of my leather at 2cm wide then cut into the correct lengths.


When they’re all cut, lay the leather nice side facing down, mark the centre and pull one end around to the middle like the below. Put some hot glue underneath and press the leather piece on top.


With your other end pull the leather in the opposite direction to the middle, so you’re left with an 8 shape and glue this end in place.


Don’t pull it the same direction or you’ll be left with pretzel shape like this which will get you into a right pickle.


Do this with all of your pieces except for the one 10 cm piece. Your 10 cm piece just needs to be rolled into a loop like this:


Now time to assemble; Start with the three larger pieces. Place one horizontally in front of you. Then place the other two in a cross shape on top of this straight line. It should look like this:


Now for your other 3 pieces. Stack them in different positions so you have something like this:


Now to glue on the ring. Face this in the opposite direction of the last two rings.


To fasten to you gift, add a square of double sided tape to the bottom.


Neat right?


DIY Leather Gift Wrap Bow






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