Kids’ Crafts: Home Decor

As a parent you have to appreciate your children’s artwork. I know this because I recently found approximately 10-15 framed portraits of “mom” and “dad”  by yours truly that look like deformed potatoes. My parents actually went through the effort to frame these. That is true love, I tell ya. However, some kids crafts can actually turn out pretty cool, even if they haven’t discovered their artistic ability yet. Check ’em out!

Fabric Crayon Artwork

Show off your kiddos monsters, portraits, and other signature drawings with this cool fabric transfer masterpiece! Mama Michelle uses her’s as a coffee table runner, but you could display this in so many ways!

Lego Planters – The Paper Mama

The Paper Mama has found yet another cool way to use legos. Seriously, it seems like they can be re-purposed indefinitely. Showing off your baby succulents? Why not! Go check out this mama’s blog for the tutorial.

Decorative Mirror

Have your kiddos take their boring mirrors to the next level of cuteness with this fun project! The best thing about it is that you can customize it to match the theme or color scheme of whatever room is destined to hang in.

Marbling DIY – Fresh Crush

Marbleize anything? Okay Fresh Crush mama, I like the way you think! This project provides maximum results with minimum effort. Go check out the tutorial now!

Painted Twig Bouquet – Homemade Ginger

A project for even your littlest humans. This can also be customized to match any room and color scheme, but I’ve gotta say I’m really digging this Homemade Gignger‘s rainbow look.

Now there’s no need to hang potato portraits of yourself all over the house! Happy crafting!

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