Diy Travel Notebook Gift Idea

Travel Notebook Gift Idea

I’d say list making and all things stationery are near the top of my life’s-little-pleasures list. You can’t deny the moment you get to start a new notebook is a glorious one. It smells amazing, like when you buy a new novel, and it just sits there all perfectly crisp and untouched, ready for your written words.

Over recent years I’ve taken my note scribbling to even new heights, with fun accessories like multi-coloured pens, stickers and novelty Post it notes. It’s like once you start noticing and enjoying these things, Pandora’s Box opens up and you start spotting new additions for your stationery drawer, EVERYWHERE. Gold staplers, cork notebooks, fruit shaped erasers, copper pen cups and bike shaped paper clips!

In line with my stationery obsession, I’ve partnered with Officeworks this Christmas to give the gift of creativity to a loved one. I’ve decided to share my love for crafty note-making and give the gift of creativity to my little sis, who is currently travelling the globe.

I recently visited Officeworks to buy all the tools she needs to start her own travel journal including:

The Otto A5 Journal

Assorted Tailored Decorative Stickers

Yoobi Metallic Gel Pens

Tailored Adhesive Decorative Pockets

Arrow Label Stickers

Tailored Decorative Paper Clips

Travel Notebook Gift Idea

I’ve given the notebook a little personalising with an intro page including a photo of us and a love letter. I’ve scattered some more pics throughout with little notes, just to keep her inspired and feeling loved during her journey!

Travel Notebook Gift Idea

I’ve also added some pockets to the back of the book filled with fun stickers for her to use herself when she’s ready to get creative. Plus, my gift wouldn’t be complete without metallic pens and cute paperclips too!

Travel Notebook Gift Idea

If you’re planning on doing the same for a loved one, don’t forget to add a personal touch before giving your goodies – it adds so much more to the gift! You could also watercolour some designs onto the pages, draw an illustration of something memorable or even decorate the outside of the notebook too.

However you pull your creative gift together, I’m sure your loved one will be thrilled with a handmade, thoughtful gift this season. It sure beats the usual choccies and undies! I can’t wait for my sis to open her gift and start filling her notebook with memories.

I’d love to see what creative ideas you come up with for your own family and friends this Christmas. If you make anything with Officeworks goodies share your gifts of creativity with the hashtag #creativegifting so I can see!


This post is in collaboration with Officeworks



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