DIY Ice Cream Sandwich Charms

By General Crafts Contributor Amy

Use polymer clay to make tiny ice cream sandwich charms in your favorite flavors!

These ice cream sandwich charms are adorable, easy to make, and calorie free. They’re a perfect fit for a unique back to school teen fashion statement. Just hope you don’t tire of saying “I made it myself” all day long.


What you need:

  • polymer clay (I used Sculpey III)
  • findings: head pins, jump rings
  • hobby blade
  • toothbrush
  • jewelry pliers: rounded, needle nose, cutter
  • something to attach charms to: blank charm bracelet, necklace, earring findings
  • clay roller or pasta machine
  • optional: Sculpey Glaze (for a protective shine) and a paint brush to apply
  • optional: cutting board or clay mat


  • Always start with a clean surface. I use a cutting board that I only use for clay.
  • use a baby wipe to clean hands in between colors since colors can stay on your skin and transfer to your next color of clay.


Mix equal parts of black and chocolate clay. Flatten clay with a roller or pasta machine. I used a roller and placed coins around my work for a uniform thickness. Make a rectangular template out of thin cardboard (like a cereal box). Cut out top and bottom cookies for each sandwich. I used tan clay for sandwich cookies as well.



For the ice cream fillings, you will want to roll out the clay a little thicker. I used a part of a keychain (which is about the thickness of 2 popsicle sticks glued together) and rolled out my filling inside it. Use your same template you made to cut out the filling. Assemble sandwich and gently press together. Use a toothbrush (a new one and only use it for clay) and press bristles into clay for a nice ice-cream texture. Use a head pin to poke shallow holes on the top and bottom cookies. insert a head pin through the center of the charm.


Neapolitan filling: Flatten white, light brown and light pink clay separately. Cut white clay in a strip about 1/3 the length of your template. Cut brown and pink clays just enough to have a flat side. Piece together the 3 clays with a white stripe in the middle. Use your template and cut out filling.

Mint chocolate chip filling: Mix together white and green make a mint shade of green. Roll out a thin cane of black clay (about the thickness of a tooth pick) and cut thin pieces off for chocolate chips. Gently press “chocolate chips” around the outer visible edges of the filling.

Strawberry filling: Just mix up light pink and red clay, but not completely. You will want it to have a marbled look, don’t over mix it.

Cotton candy filling: Mix light pink and blue till marbled.

Birthday party filling: Mix white and light blue till marbled. Make toothpick width canes of yellow, light purple, and pink for sprinkles. Cut thin pieces off and apply the “sprinkles” just like we did the chocolate chips.

Bake clay as directed. I used Sculpey III which bakes at 275 degrees for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch thickness. I baked my charms for 18 minutes. Let cool. Trim head pins with cutter plyers so they are about a half an inch long. Use rounded pliers to curl head pins into circles then use a jump ring to attach charms to anything you want.

Ice Cream Sandwich Charms

I hope you have as much fun making and wearing your mini ice-cream sandwich jewelry as I did. Get creative with your favorite flavors. They would make a great handmade unique gift. I’m thinking of making another set to use as ornaments on my mini Christmas tree!

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