Birdie Bird Tea Bag Holder

Make your own Birdie Bird Tea Bag Holder to keep the paper from falling in!

Are you a tea-aholic, or know someone who is? This cute little Birdie is the perfect addition to any cup of tea, and she will even make sure the paper on the tea bag doesn’t slip into your tea.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sculpey III Clay (I used Sky Blue, Teal Pearl and Red)
  • DecoColor Paint Marker


 20160808_132818  20160808_132837  20160808_133019

Start with a large ball (mine was a little over an inch round) of Sky Blue clay, roll it to make an elongated tear drop. This will be the body of the bird.

20160808_133202  20160808_133625  20160808_133728

Gently bend the the body into somewhat of a crescent shape. Next make a slot into the bottom of the bird by pushing the end of a paint brush or bamboo skewer up into the bottom of the clay. Test to make sure your slot is in the right position and deep enough to keep the bird on a mug.

20160808_133929  20160808_134004  20160808_134014

Make two smaller Sky Blue balls of clay, then roll them into a tear drop shape. Flatten them, and then pinch the point to make a wing shape.


Attach the wings to the side of the bird.


Make a small cone shape out of Red clay, and attach it for the beak.


Bake your clay in the oven to harden it. For Sculpey III; Bake at 275 degrees for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch thickness. My bird was about 1/2 inch thick, so I baked it for 30 minutes.


Add eyes using a paint marker, and then your cute Birdie Bird Tea Bag Holder is done! Tweet, Tweet!


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