Recycled Crafts for Earth Day

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Earth Day is less than a week away, and it’s our time to shine as crafters. If you’re like me, you’ve hoarded many things that other people would consider garbage. Here are some ideas for those of us who have piles of egg cartons, toilet paper tubes, and plastic containers.

Brown Bag Blank Wreath

Brown Bag Blank Wreath

Create a wreath base for any occasion with materials you likely already have. This wreath is made from cardboard and brown paper bags. Time to raid the recycling bin!

Modern Hanging Planter - eHow

Modern Hanging Planter – eHow

I was actually a little confused when I found out this was a recycled craft, it looks like a high end porcelain planter to me. This is the perfect craft for those of us who love an expensive, modern look, but don’t have the budget.

Brown Paper Seedling Pots - Home. Work

Brown Paper Seedling Pots – Home. Work

Earth day is the perfect time to plant those seedlings. I think these little pots made recycled materials are pretty enough to give as gifts too.

Egg Carton Sewing Box - Truly Myrtle

Egg Carton Sewing Box – Truly Myrtle

Keep all of your sewing notions handy with a recycled box. This proves you don’t need to do much to make recycled materials functional.

Japanese Knot Plarn Tote Bag - My Recycled Bags

Japanese Knot Plarn Tote Bag – My Recycled Bags

I might need to get in on this plarn thing. It would be so nice to have a waterproof bag like this one to bring to the beach, and for next to nothing to make!

Do you have any materials you want to upcycle? We’d love to see the results! Let us know in the comments or send an email! If you want even more recycled crafts, head to our Craft Trends Pin Board!

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