Put a Cork in It

My mom has a bunch of old wine corks in a vase that she’s trying to find uses for. I don’t blame her for keeping them. A lot of corks have memories attached to them and as a bonus, they look pretty cool. I decided to try to help my mom out by finding some fun wine cork crafts for her to try out.


Wine Cork Bath Mat

I love crafts with a function and this definitely meets that criteria. I love that it looks super high end and will match the decor in nearly any bathroom.


Wine Cork Serving TrayLiving Well Spending Less

This looks like something you would be served on at a fancy vineyard. I think this super easy to make craft will really impress all of your friends while you drink wine on the porch.


Ombre Necklace RackAnykind

The pops of color on these corks draws the eye so you can display your jewelry collection with pride. It’s kind of like wall art on it’s own!


Wine Cork Bulletin BoardA Beautiful Mess

This is another cork craft that caught my eye because of those fun pops of color. I love the random bright cork ends and the way they almost look like stacks of little logs!


Wine Cork Herb MarkersShine Your Light

My mom has a pretty impressive garden, so I think these guys are right up her alley. They are so easy to make and all from materials you probably already have!

Do you have a giant pile of wine corks that you turned into something beautiful? Let me know! If you want even more inspiration check out our Craft Trends Pin Board!



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