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Now that we’re in the full swing of spring, it’s time to start airing out our houses and cleaning out all of the dust and dirt that comes with staying inside all winter long. It’s spring cleaning season, and in addition to getting down and dirty with baseboards and windows, it’s also a great time to get organized and try to stay organized. Here are some great DIY ways to help.

Recycled Cork Boards

Recycled Cork Boards

These tiny little cork boards are a great way to add some color to an office and keep your notes to yourself organized. You could even implement a color coordinating system so different types of tasks can be pinned to different boards, or each family member could have their own color.

Mason Jar Organizer - The DIY Playbook

Mason Jar Organizer – The DIY Playbook

I’ve got a huge issue with counter space in my bathroom, so this project would help me out a lot. I think this would also be helpful in a kitchen for utensils or craft room for paintbrushes and embellishments.

Make Your Own Basket Out of a Box - Living Well Mom

Make Your Own Basket Out of a Box – Living Well Mom

This recycled craft is a great way to get rid of those cardboard boxes that “might come in handy” and help you corral extra items that don’t have a home. I’m always finding use for boxes and bins, so I’d be happy to make them from recycled materials.

Bedside Pockets Organizer - Sew Can She

Bedside Pockets Organizer – Sew Can She

 My nightstand always has way too much stuff on it, and I’m never satisfied with how cluttered it looks. I would love to have things like books, maybe my phone, and my TV remote handy, but hidden in these cute organizers.

Cereal Box Drawer Dividers - iHeart Organizing

Cereal Box Drawer Dividers – iHeart Organizing

I have these massive drawers in my kitchen that can become a mess in no time thanks to the amount of stuff that can fit in them. A while back, I splurged on a metal drawer divider just to keep me from having to dig through a massive pile every time i needed something. Who knew I could just make one for next to nothing.

Are you doing some organizing for spring? If you have any DIY ideas, we’d love to see! Share in the comments or through email. If you want even more organizing ideas, check out our Craft Trends Pin Board!

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