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Paper Straw Halloween Hangers : BOO and EEK

Paper straws are not only great for parties and adding a festive touch to an otherwise plain party cup. They also make for a fun crafting tool and an easy way to add color and pattern to your seasonal project.



  • Paper straws in Halloween colors (I used approx. seven packs of 12 straws)
  • Cardstock
  • Baker’s twine
  • Craft glue
  • Ruler, pencil and craft scissors

Step #1:

Sketch out the letters B-O-O and E-E-K the height of a paper straw. Since straws are straight, the letters are square than rounded at the curves. Cut out.


Step #2:
Cut a length of bakers twine, loop it around a letter and double knot the ends together.


Step #3:
Apply glue to a section of the letter and adhere the straws. Use a ruler to measure and cut straws for smaller sections. Once the straws are set, trim them at the corners and edges.


Step #4:
Hang on your mantel, in a doorway or use as decorative wall art.









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