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By General Crafts Contributor Ashley from the Blog Ash and Crafts.

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Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make paper rosettes that are quick and easy! This doesn’t require any measurements or patterns, so you can just freehand everything. This is great for using up some scraps of leftover paper you have from other projects. You can use these flowers in so many different ways. You can glue them to a clip for your hair, you can make a bunch of them to create a wreath, or you can use them to add a little bit of decoration on another project. Let’s get started!



  • Glue gun or any fast drying glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper – Any type of paper will work. It does not have to be card stock. You can even practice some rosettes on regular copy paper first to make sure you get the hand of it. I am using regular scrapbook paper with fun prints.

unnamed (1)

First, you’ll need a one sheet of paper per flower. Mine here are 4.5”x4.5”. It doesn’t need to be a perfect square. As long as you can cut a circle out of it, it will work.

unnamed (2)

Next, cut a circle shape with a wavy edge. Do not make your waves too deep, too high or too low. A gentle wavy cut works best.

unnamed (3)

Now you need to cut a wavy spiral to the center of the circle. Follow the red line above. The waves peaks and valleys do not need to match up to the circle’s edge.

unnamed (4)

Now you should have a spiral that looks like this when you lift up the center of the circle.

unnamed (5)

Beginning from the outside of the spiral, roll the paper into a tube. If you are using one-sided paper, you want to roll it with the printed side up. Secure with a little bit of glue.

unnamed (6)

Continue rolling the flower and glue periodically to secure in place. Do not roll too tightly. Instead, roll the rosette very loosely and only periodically glue. You want the “petal” layers to have some space in between them. The rosette is only on the table for photo purposely. I prefer to hold the rosette in my hand between my thumb and forefinger. As you continue to roll, you may need to cut underneath the rose to level the bottom.

unnamed (7)

As you can see from the photo above, my layers are very loosely rolled.

unnamed (8)

Once you get to the center, apply a generous amount of glue and glue the flower down to the center.

unnamed (9)

This is what your finished rosette will look like from above!

unnamed (10)

With the rosettes I made, I glued them to a piece of white paper and drew stems and wrote the word “love” with a gold paint pen.

Paper Rosettes Shadowbox

I then added it to a shadowbox to make a cute little display.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial! I’d love to see your rosettes and what you do with them!

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