Kid’s Crafts: St. Patrick’s Day

March is just flying by, and I almost forgot to plan St. Patrick’s Day activities for the little ones in my family. If you’re feeling a little last minute like me, I hope you find these crafts and activities helpful and fun!

Crafting and creating with young people is a learning experience for kids and adults. I like to use the prep-time as teachable moments. I might tell a background story about St. Patrick’s Day, how the tradition began etc. If they’ve never been to Ireland or seen pictures I might bring out my laptop and show pictures first of where Ireland is on the map and then of photographs of the landscape. Kids seem instinctively interested in geography, place, contrast, and of course, pictures, so I like to nurture these interests from a young age. Then I’ll introduce the activity and ask my little ones what they think might work and what might not. If we’re using something new I always like to model using the materials. Then I sit back and watch them discover and learn from their experience.

All you need to make these cute Shamrock Prints are toilet paper holders and green paint!  You can use these prints to decorate wrapping paper for a St. Patrick’s Day gift, to make a special card for parents and siblings who might be at work or at school, or just for fun. After making these prints if the kids are still interested I’ll add rainbow crayons and gold pom poms to create a multi-dimensional project.

Shamrock Prints – Think Crafts

Buttons and Burlap are some of my personal favorite crafting materials, so I have plenty on hand to share with my little ones. The combination creates a lovely wall hanging. This craft is best for school aged kids, since it requires a glue gun, but you could easily modify the project for younger children with paper and glue, or fabric and fabric glue.

Shamrock Button Art – Think Crafts

I think this next activity is fun for the whole family. I like to do a test run of projects before I introduce to young children, to make sure I know what to expect. My husband and I had a lot of fun testing this one out.

Magic Leprechaun Rocks – Gift of Curiosity

My niece is four, and she’s in a major cutting and pasting phase. Of course cutting and pasting are important and fun ways to practice fine motor skills. If you have kid’s safety scissors you might let the kids cut their own strips of paper for the rainbow. If your little ones are still mastering the glue stick, or not quite ready for scissors they can just concentrate on the pasting process.

Rainbow Preschool Craft – The Nerd’s Wife

We’re passionate about slime in these parts, so I’m always excited to use recipes for themed slime, like this St. Patrick’s Day Slime tutorial. Slime is fun for all ages, but I use it especially with toddlers and preschoolers in sensory table play.

St. Patrick’s Day Slime – Little Bins for Little Hands

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