Kids’ Crafts: My Favorite Flowers

When we take our little ones on nature walks we always point out and name the flowers we see and you would be amazed at how quickly even toddlers remember the names of a variety of flowers. There’s nothing cuter than hearing a 1 year old correctly identify and say the word ‘Hydrangea!’ Here are some awesome flower crafts we can make at home using a variety of supplies we have on hand.

Peonies are my favorite flowers from our garden. The only thing I don’t like about Peonies is how quickly they bloom and drop their petals. Here’s a tutorial for how to make lasting tissue paper peonies in all of your favorite colors.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Kids can make their own favorite flowers with this Spring flower play dough.

Spring Flower Play Dough – Craftulate for Pre-K Pages

Calla Lilies are very popular in our neighborhood. They’re such elegant flowers. Here’s a tutorial for how to recreate these unique blossoms all year round using materials you have around the house.

Q-Tip Calla Lilies – Easy Peasy and Fun

These layered painted flowers are fun to make and can be easily altered according to each child’s aesthetic vision. Encourage children to use their favorite colors, and to layer their petals however they see fit.

Painted Paper Flowers – Color It Like You Mean It

After collecting fallen flower petals on a nature walk kids can preserve some of their favorite flowers in this Flower Petal Suncatcher.

Flower Petal Suncatcher – Messy Little Monster

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