Kids Crafts: Fun in the Garden

My nieces love helping out in the garden. They’re great little gardeners, careful not to step in the flower beds, eager to water the seed sprouts and enthusiastic about creating fun garden decor. Here are some ideas that can inspire projects for your garden helpers!

My mom is the master gardener in our family, she grows every vegetable you could imagine. The only problem with her garden is it’s a bit of a jungle! She knows exactly where everything is, but It can be hard for her helpers to know what’s what. These painted garden markers will be a huge help identifying plants in the jungle!

How to Make Garden Markers by Painting Stones – Adventure in a Box

Foot print stepping stones will make a great personalized addition to the paths around my new garden. These would also make a great present for mom!

Stepping Stones – Think Crafts

Here’s a fun project for making a house for your little helper’s helpers! My youngest niece (2) is always collecting treasures and leaving them in strange places – I’m hoping this fairy house will become a new place for some of her outdoor treasures!

Fairy House – Vixen Made

Every time I move I find my collection of unusable keys. I always hesitate to throw them away because you never know, I might one day remember what they are for, but now it’s been many years and 3,000+ miles from my old home, I think I can finally add them to better use in the kids crafts collection. A variety of keys can be used to make this great wind chime!

Key Wind Chime – Think Crafts

Kids can find their own craft materials for this project, making it a great craft to do on vacation or even from your own backyard.

Shell Wind Chime – Martha Stewart

What are some of your favorite kids crafts for the garden?

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