Kids’ Crafts: DIY Puppets

Is it just me or do sock puppets always look like they’re judging you? I didn’t realize this until I was scouring Pinterest for this post and started to feel really self conscious. Worry not, this post includes the least-judgey looking characters for you and your kiddos.

Sock Puppets

It must be the googly eyes, because this sock puppet looks exactly like the sweet lil’ pupper I hope to come home to every day in my future. Not even a little judgey. Go check out our tutorial on Think Crafts!

Paper Pterodactyl Puppets – The Craft Train

I love dinosaurs, so I got super excited when I found this project on The Craft Train! Follow the link above to find out how it’s done.

Scrapbook Scrap Puppets

Set up a make-shift stage for you kiddos to conduct their very own puppet show! These little wooden people come in big packs on our site, so their plays can have nearly as many characters as they can think of.

Wooden Spoon Puppets – Create Craft Love

Who knew spoons and forks had such good surfaces for faces? These puppets from Create Craft Love and super cute and look super fun to make! Follow the link above for the tutorial.

Polar Bear Finger Puppet – I Heart Crafty Things

I Heart Craft Things has a tutorial for this adorable polar bear finger puppet, plus many more! With this mamas help, you and your kiddos can make a whole zoo!

Glove Puppets – Green Owl Art

Another project that uses supplies you probably already have! Yay, my favorite!! Head over to Green Owl Art for this fun tutorial.

Time to get to crafting so you can enjoy countless puppet shows as a result of you and your little ones’ hard work!

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