Kids’ Crafts: Celebrate Earth Day

Teaching kids how to be more sustainable by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling is part of our daily routine. By now my little ones correct me if they see me being careless about water usage or throwing something away that could be useful. Earth Day crafts are a great way to celebrate the Earth and our home and brainstorm more ways that we can preserve our resources and protect the environment. Join me and my little ones in our celebration with these great tutorials for Earth Friendly Crafts!

I’ve been looking for a new paper mache project to make with my school aged nieces (5 and 7). This project is beautiful and interesting to make but it’s also a great opportunity to answer questions they might have about our planet, how it differs from the other planets, what kinds of resources we have and what we can do to protect and conserve them.

Paper Mache Globes – Housing a Forest

Toddlers are natural builders. Here’s an activity that allows them to build safely at home with a variety of recycled objects. Having different shapes and textures will create even more unique structures. I really admire activities like this because they allow young children the freedom to explore and create independently.

Recycled Building Stem Activity – Busy Toddler

Help kids discover the different layers of the Earth with Earth Playdough. Earth Playdough is both educational and really cool to make and play with.

Earth Playdough – Playdough to Plato

Use materials from Nature to make art in this unique weaving craft.

Nature Weaving Craft – Craftiments

Collage is a great way to make art out of everyday objects and to teach about re-using materials to make new, beautiful products.

Earth Day Collage – I Heart Crafty Things

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