Flowering Watering Can Front Door Decor

By General Crafts Contributor Victoria from the blog Dazzle While Frazzled.

Upcycle an old watering can into a pretty decoration for your front door

Convert an old watering can into a unique flowering front door décor that is perfect for the springtime gardener.

Do you have an old watering can that is passed its seasonal usefulness? Instead of tossing it, turn it into a garden themed, welcoming piece of front door décor.


  • watering can
  • four plastic nursery flower pots
  • self-etching primer
  • clear beading thread
  • colorful gems
  • outdoor craft paint + brush
  • hot glue or all-purpose craft glue
  • ribbon or raffia
  • craft scissors

Step #1:
Save four small plastic nursery flower pots. Depending on their size, use your scissors to make a slit and cut the flower pots in half. You will now have two sections: a bottom “cup” part and a top strip. Cut small slits in the “cup” and bend each slit down to create the look of a flower.

If desired, cut leaf shapes out of the top strip. Glue these leaves onto the bottom of the cup.

If dirty, clean these now flowers and leaves and let dry.

Flowering Watering Can collage 2

Step #2:

Use self-etching primer and spray the flowers and leaves. (Self-etching primer works on plastic so that paint will adhere to it.)

Once dry, cover the primer with colorful, flower-like outdoor craft paints.

Flowering Watering Can collage 3

Step #3:
While the flowers are drying, cut a piece of fishing wire and string colorful gems on each end to mimic the look of “water drops”. You want the gems to appear staggered. Make a loop and knot somewhere along the piece of fishing wire in order to achieve this uneven look. Repeat this step for as many water drops as you desire.

Flowering Watering Can collage 4

Step #4:
Insert the gem “water drops” into the holes in the nozzle of the watering can.

Flowering Watering Can collage 5

Step #5:
Cut a long piece of fishing wire and thread through the holes in the flower “cup”. String the fishing wire back through the holes in the cup. Tie a knot in the ends of the fishing wire and insert into the holes in the nozzle of the watering can. Repeat for two more flowers.
[Flowering Watering Can collage 6]

Step #6:

Glue the fourth flower onto the watering can.

Flowering Watering Can collage 7

Step #7:
Attach a decorative ribbon or pieces of raffia to the handle of the watering can and attach to your front door.

Flowering Watering Can collage 8

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