Fabric Scrap Bowls

By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Use up those scraps you've been hoarding and create little bowls to help corral your craft supplies!

Here’s a fun project that’s great for using up all those pretty little scraps of fabric that you just can’t bear to toss. Fun and easy for kids or adults to make!

Scrap 2

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Mod Podge.
  • Flat paint brush.
  • Bowls to use as molds.
  • Plastic wrap.
  • Scissors.
  • Fabric scraps.

Scrap 3

To begin, wrap the outside of your bowls with a piece of plastic wrap, being sure to wrap clear over the top edge, tucking the excess inside the bowl. Pull the plastic firmly to smooth out wrinkles.

Scrap 4

Cut small squares of fabric from your scraps, and using your flat brush and Mod Podge, begin applying fabric squares to the outside of the bowl, overlapping the squares as you go. You want to saturate the fabric, but not use so much Mod Podge that it’s dripping everywhere.

Scrap 5

Cover your whole bowl with a single layer of fabric squares, and then add a second layer. Stop your fabric at the rim of the bowl, don’t go over the edge, or you won’t be able to remove your fabric bowl off of the bowl you’re using a mold, when the fabric has dried. Let dry until hard. Depending on how wet your fabric is, and the humidity, this may take several hours to overnight.

Scrap 6

When dry, carefully loosen your fabric bowl from your bowl mold by gently pushing around the edges until it slips free. Carefully remove the plastic wrap.

Scrap 7

Now, using your brush and Mod Podge, apply a layer of fabric squares to the inside of the fabric bowl. Let dry completely.

Scrap 8

Once your bowl is dry, use your scissors to trim the edge of your fabric bowl so it is even.

Turn your fabric scraps into colorful bowls

These pretty little bowls would be fun to hold your crafting supplies, or jewelry. You could make a large one to display pretties on your coffee table, or even as a fruit bowl. My daughter is using the little bowl she made for serving her pretend food.

Turn fabric scraps into craft supply storage

With three layers of fabric these bowls feel like a stiff, slightly flexible plastic. If you want to make them sturdier, just add more layers of fabric. If you want it to protect it further, add a coat of waterproof Mod Podge.

Happy crafting!

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