Egg Place Holders

DIY Easter Egg Name Cards

If you’re planning an Easter dinner in a couple of weeks, don’t forget to celebrate the season with cute table decor to go with your delicious meal! These little clay eggs are a perfect way to add some spring color to your table and make a great keepsake for your guests to bring home.

Egg Name Cards

Decorate the eggs however you like, from fun designs to chic metallics, these eggs are very versatile. You don’t have to just use them as place markers either. Make a few and fill up a hurricane vase for quick, easy, and custom Easter decor.

What You Need:

  • Sculptamold
  • Plastic Eggs (Mine opened vertically and this seemed to work very well.)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Regular and Detail Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Optional: Sand Paper, Acrylic Sealer or Mod Podge

How to Make It:


Mix your Sculptamold according to instructions. I used about 1 1/2 cups of sculptamold for 6 eggs.

open egg


Open your egg and pack your sculptamold tightly into both sides. Make sure to press down very firmly to fill in as many crevices as possible.




Once both sides are full, press each side together tightly, smoothing out as you go.


Lift off the top of your egg, and smooth out any lumps with a wet finger. Let Dry.


Use a butter knife to gently separate your plastic egg from the dry sculptamold egg. If you’re having trouble, dip your butter knife in some water before sliding it between the plastic and the clay.



At this point, if you’re looking for a more perfect egg, you can make a little more sculptamold and wet your hands to fill in any crevices and smooth everything out. Let dry. Once it’s dry, you can sand out any lumps you don’t like.


Paint your eggs fun Easter colors, or colors to match your decor. I thought these eggs looked a little like stones, so it might have been fun to paint them grey tones and make them look like carved rocks, whatever you like! Let them dry overnight.


Lightly mark your names with a pencil in your best handwriting. You could also transfer a design using wax paper and this method if you’re not a fan of your handwriting.


Go over your pencil marks with your detail paintbrush and a contrasting color.

Easter Egg Name Cards


For extra durability, seal with Mod Podge or an acrylic sealer spray.

Egg Place Holders for Easter

Display on your place settings so everyone knows where to sit!


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