DIY Ribbon Photo Board

DIY Ribbon Photo Board

The hubs and I are expecting our first, (a little girl) in July, and we are in the midst of planning out her room. While looking online, Brent told me he thought it would be fun to put a Photo Board over her changing table, I loved the idea. And I plan on filling it with pictures of family and friends.

This Ribbon Photo Board is so easy to make, you will want to make one for every room!


Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Fabric (about ¾ yard, I used left over fabric from flower girl dresses)
  • Batting (about ¾ yard)
  • Ribbon (about 6 yards)
  • Stretched Canvas
  • Staple Gun
  • Buttons
  • Needle
  • Thread



Lay the fabric and batting across the canvas. Cut the fabric and batting leaving extra on each end to wrap around and attach to the back of the canvas.


Starting with the center or one of the sides, use your staple gun to staple the fabric and batting to the back of the canvas. The move to the center on the opposite side, pull the fabric and batting tight, and staple to the back of the canvas. Repeat on the other 2 sides. Once the center of all 4 sides are done, more your way to the corners placing staples about 2-3 inches apart.


On the back of your canvas measure out even spacing for your ribbon.  My canvas was 18 x 18 inch, so I measured over 2 ¼ inch and then marked every 4 ½ inch. But you can play with it and place the ribbon as close together or as far apart as you would like.  Once you are ready.  Staple one side the ribbon to the back of your canvas, run the ribbon diagonally across the front of your canvas, and around to the back where you will staple it to the back of the canvas, then cut.  Continue on adding ribbon to your board.


Get your needle and thread and attach buttons to each spot where the ribbons meet by sewing through all layers of the Photo Board (canvas, batting, fabric and ribbon).  The button is an added decoration, but will also make the ribbon even tighter for holding pictures. There were a few places around the edge where I didn’t put buttons, but I did sew threw the layers a few times to tack them all together.

And there you have it…a super cute Ribbon Photo Board of your own.

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