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As I have discovered over the past few years, at times, it’s hard to make dorm rooms and apartments feel like home. The smaller space, combined with knowledge that this is not a permanent residence constantly brewing in the back of my mind, sometimes keep me from decorating to my hearts content. One thing I have missed whilst moving from dorm to dorm is plants. I grew up in a home where indoor plants were abundant and there is something soothing to me as a Pacific North-Westerner of being constantly surrounded by green. This craft trend of DIY Planters (especially the ones of the smaller variety) may be the perfect thing to ensure that the apartment I’m moving into in the fall can be another home away from the ones of my childhood.

House Number Planter - Think Crafts

House Number Planter Think Crafts

This House Number Planter is the perfect way to customize the outside of an apartment or home and also provide a welcoming look. I love the idea that this is both a great decoration and a practical way to make it easier to recognize your apartment or living space from the others in the area.

PlantPot and Cat - Bru DIY

PlantPot and Cat – Bru DIY

Re-purposed plastic bottles can make adorable flower pots. My eco-friendly roommate will love that I’m re-purposing and I will love looking  at these adorable planters. They are also small enough to not be too consuming no matter where they are placed. Though the directions may be in Spanish, the pictures are clear enough that the project looks easy to complete.

Making Hypertufa Pots - 33 Shades of Green

Making Hypertufa Pots33 Shades of Green 

Though I love plants, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never had the best track record when it comes to keeping them alive. These pots are perfect for succulents which are perfect for someone who forgets to water things. The project looks messy, which I kind of love, and these planters are perfect for an earthy feel.

How to Turn Old Teacups and Saucers into Garden Planters - DIY Network

How to Turn Old Teacups and Saucers into Garden PlantersDIY Network

Despite having limited room in student housing, I have many, many mugs. No amount of tea or coffee I drink will ever make full use of my mug collections, so instead of having them sit in a cupboard, this project is a great way to put them to use. Placing one of these on a windowsill would be the perfect touch to any room.

Laundry Basket Planter - Elizabeth Jones Designs

Laundry Basket PlanterElizabeth Joan Designs 

In case you have a little more space to offer or want a way to spruce up some outdoor planters, this is a great way to re-purpose a broken laundry basket. The rope and burlap work well together to create an effortlessly natural look.

What techniques do you use to make your living space more of a home? Tell us about it in the comments below! Check out these other DIY planters we’ve been posting on our Craft Trends Pinboard!

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