Button Frame Magnets

DIY Button Magnets

I’m the type of person that puts absolutely everything on my refrigerator. Photos, To-Do Lists, Postcards, they all go up where I can enjoy them every day. I’m constantly using one magnet to hold up many pieces of paper until it falls off the fridge.

Button Frame Magnets


These cute little button frames kill two birds with one stone. They help display a few pictures, and they can be used to hold up all those little odds and ends I can’t let go of.

What You Need:

  • Large Buttons – at least 1 inch, but I highly recommend using the biggest you can find. That way, your pictures show up!
  • High Resolution Photos
  • Magnets
  • Mod Podge
  • Craft Knife
  • Hot Glue or Permanent All-Purpose Glue
  • Pencil

How to Make It:

Pick out your buttons. I chose the largest I could find and spray painted them all a matching copper color.


Measure the size of your buttons. I preferred buttons with beveled edges because they had a natural frame. Get the diameter of the inside edge. For example, this one I measured at 1 inch.


Resize your images in an image editing software so that they’re a little larger than the diameter you’ll need. You want to make sure that the image resolution is really high – at least 300 pixels per inch, or photos this small will be very pixellated.


Use a smaller button, coin, or other round object to trace out where you will cut your photo. I would recommend flipping it over and using some sort of light box or window to make sure you’re tracing exactly where you want to cut. A few of mine were a little off.


Use your craft knife to carefully cut your circles. It’s always best to turn the paper rather than the knife.


Mod Podge your photos onto the buttons. If you don’t mind getting a little messy, smooth everything out with your fingers. This helps you be more precise. You can also use a toothpick to hold everything in place while you get Mod Podge on the buttons.


If you’re using a disc magnets, simply hot glue it straight onto the back of your button. If you’re using strip magnets, or an old business card magnet you got for free somewhere, cut it to size and glue it on.

Button Frame Magnets

Once the glue is dry, you’re ready to display your button frames! If you want to hold stuff up with these tiny magnets, make sure to use the discs. They’re surprisingly strong for how little they are!

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