How to Build Crochet Flower Ring

Fall is here but you can still keep summer blooms alive with this crochet flower ring.







  • Yarn (Whatever color and material reminds you of a summer flower.)
  • Crochet Hook (Appropriate size for your yarn)
  • Button
  • Yarn Needle
  • Elastic
  • Thread


CO=cast on


SC=single crochet

DC=double crochet

1. With crochet hook make a 5” chain. Turn.

2. Ch 4, *DC, ch1, skip stitch and DC into next stitch* Repeat *instructions* until end of row, ending with a DC. Turn.

3. Ch2, single crochet three stitches into each space left by the DC. Turn.

4. SC until end of row.

5. Cut yarn leaving yourself a long tail.

6. Curl crochet around itself sewing shape into place with tail. Weave in ends.

7. Sew on button in center of flower.

8. Cut a piece of elastic to fit snug around your finger. Sew onto bottom of flower.

Wear around town to show off a job well done.



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