Crafting with Styrofoam

You can make such a variety of beautiful, fun, long lasting crafts with Craft Foam.  It comes in a range of sizes and styles, cones, sheets, blocks, eggs and circles; a shape for every project, a craft for every season.

Looking for something to crochet in celebration of Spring? This homemade wreath will bring joy to everyone who passes your door!


 Crochet Spring Wreath


I’ve always wondered how to make mosaic garden decorations. This is a great tutorial that uses styrofoam balls as the base for these beautiful mosaics.

Mosaic Garden Balls

Styrofoam balls and silk flowers are the main materials you will need for this lovely hanging flower ball. This craft is easily customized depending on the season. I’m thinking hydrangias for summer and pink and purple asters for spring.

Styrofoam Fall Flower

 I had no idea you could use Styrofoam sheets to create such professional looking decor. What I love about this craft is that you can use fabric that matches the furniture and drapery in the room it will compliment. I’m never going to throw away packing materials again!

Simple, Thrifty DIY Art

I had to include one ornament for those of you out there like me, who are constantly saving craft supplies for holiday crafting. Though, I think this idea would work well for other seasonal crafts also. I’d like to make a handful of mini styrofoam button ornaments in spring colors and fill a vase with them for the mantle.

Button Ornamen




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