Air-Dry Clay

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I remember making things with air-dry clay as a kid, though nothing I made was really worth keeping. Lately, I’ve been noticing some beautiful things that can be created pretty easily with simple air-dry clay. It’s amazing that something can look like real porcelain or pottery that looks so impressive!

DIY Clay Bowls

DIY Clay Bowls

These simple and stunning bowls are so easy to make and are the perfect way to corral jewelry and other little trinkets. They make a sweet homemade gift as well.

Button Trinket Box - Crafting Fingers

Button Trinket Box – Crafting Fingers

Anyone who sews needs a little box to hold bobbins, thread, pins and other tiny notions. Why not show off your crafty love with a fun trinket box. This tiny box is so cute and simple, you’ll definitely want to make more.

Air Dry Clay Platters - Alice  Lois

Air Dry Clay Platters – Alice Lois

I can’t get over how gorgeous these platters are. It’s so hard to believe that they are relatively simple to make. They’re perfect for your Instagram food photos or to carry a few drinks to your barbecue.

DIY Mosaic Coaster - Say Yes

DIY Mosaic Coaster – Say Yes

Simple, colorful, and eyecatching coasters are so easy to make. You can use your home’s color palette or stick to monochrome. You’ll have fun and pretty coasters in no time.

Constellation Art Clay Dishes

Constellation Art Air Dry Clay Dishes – Instruck Studio

I think constellation art is so pretty and it can say a lot about you. There are plenty of constellations out there to choose from. You can go with your astrological sign, your partner’s, or just a constellation you recognize.

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