Kids’ Crafts: St. Patrick’s Day

Crafting and creating with young people is a learning experience for kids and adults. I like to use the prep-time as teachable moments. I might tell a background story about St. Patrick’s Day, how the tradition began etc. If they’ve never been to Ireland or seen pictures I might bring out my laptop and show pictures first of where Ireland is on the map and then of photographs of the landscape. Kids seem instinctively interested in geography, place, contrast, and of course, pictures, so I like to nurture these interests from a young age. Then I’ll introduce the activity and ask my little ones what they think might work and what might not. If we’re using something new I always like to model using the materials. Then I sit back and watch them discover and learn from their experience.

Kids can make this St. Patrick’s Day special with a lucky name plate for every member of the family.

St. Patrick’s Day Name Plate

I’m always looking for something green to wear on St. Patrick’s Day – these cute shamrock pins will save my day!

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Pin

If your little ones like making paper flowers they will love these crepe paper shamrocks, and they make beautiful St. Patrick’s Day decor.

Lucky Crepe Paper Shamrocks

Kids can give these lucky pennies as presents or you can use them in games or scavenger hunts.

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Penny – We Made That

Beading is a great fine motor activity for small hands, and these beaded shamrocks would make great presents or decor to make your St. Patrick’s day special.

Beaded Shamrocks – Fun A Day

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